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Who can I vote for on 6 May?

Who can I vote for on 6 May?

Elections are coming on 6 May. Find out what these elections are about, who is standing and how you can vote.

featured shows

Growing Together

The brighter gardening show with Ann-Marie Powell and Claire Vennis. Grow with us every month.

Talking Books

Published author Suzie Wilde and bookshop owner Tim O’Kelly explore their love of books, the joy of stories and the craft of writing.

Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey present the P pod

the P pod

Our flagship weekly show packed with Petersfield personalities and their real-life stories. Presented by Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey.

The Ticket

Laura Sheppard celebrates arts, culture and entertainment from in and around the Petersphere.

Rise & Shine

The brighter way to start your day in the Petersphere with local news/travel updates and guests from all walks of life.

Wilde Walks

Inspirational walks in beautiful countryside around Petersfield with Suzie Wilde and her labrador Raine.

Dogs with Jobs

They have focus, determination, intelligence, instinct and courage. Meet the front line workers of the canine world.

The Shine Radio Recipe

Noni Needs meets local people who share treasured and original recipes with you.

Generation Green

Young minds with the environmental issues that matter to them and practical ways we can help protect our planet.

The Local Showcase

Mandy P introduces a weekly selection of tracks released and performed by local musicians.

great local listening

Susie’s Wilde Walk at the Country Park

Susie’s Wilde Walk at the Country Park

It’s a rather lovely edition. Suzie gets puffed at Buriton when she and the dogs tackle the slopes of the country park. There is sadness: the sale of their trusty campervan Lois prompts memories of happy jaunts but all are cheered by homemade flapjack and dog biscuits. Suzie shares some good advice …

Talking Books – April 2021

Talking Books – April 2021

We are back in person at One Tree Books, ready for the bookshop to reopen to customers on 12 April. Our guest is Roger Morgan-Grenville. He was a soldier in the Royal Green Jackets for 9 years and led the first expedition to successfully retrace Shackleton’s journey across the island of South Georgia. He was also a founder and first head fundraiser for the charity Help for Heroes. But he typically describes himself as ‘a passionate, but talentless, cricketer’

the P pod local personalities show – 13th April 2021

the P pod local personalities show – 13th April 2021

The P pod this week goes back in time to Butser Ancient Farm to find out what’s new at this unique local attraction as it reopens.

Shine Radio’s Alan Cosh talks to Senior Consultant Nurse Jules Cavalier about the exciting new medical plans for the Petersfield Community Hospital.

Jon Walker brings the latest local news from the Petersphere, Suzie heads to Langley with both dogs on a cold, windy day and Joff takes a stroll through town on Monday lunchtime to talk to a few shop owners as they open their doors once more.

We end the show with Portsmouth-based contemporary folk band Wood, Wire and Words and their unusually-named song ‘There’s no food in my bowl’!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s secret visits to Petersfield

The Duke of Edinburgh’s secret visits to Petersfield

Claire Vennis reports on the Duke of Edinburgh’s sole official appearance in our town and his repeated private visits to Sheet. Also, the Reverend Canon Will Hughes explains how you can pray for the Duke and leave your condolences in St Peter’s Church 

Meet Mark Raynor from T&M Artisan Chocolates

Meet Mark Raynor from T&M Artisan Chocolates

Locally-based T&M Artisan Chocolates make beautifully decorated luxury chocolate, and they taste as good as they look.

Shine Radio’s Claire Vennis went to the farm where they’re based to meet talented chocolatier Mark Raynor – and, yes, she did get to sample some of the bonbons Mark is showcasing the photo.  They were delicious!

Growing Together – April 2021

Growing Together – April 2021

After recording remotely for the last few months, Claire and Ann-Marie are happy to be back together in Ann-Marie’s garden again.

April is a busy time in the garden and, accompanied by blackbird song, they share what seeds they’ve already sown and what they’re going to sow this month.

Ann-Marie has new arches in her garden for cobaea and squash plants to grow up and Claire discusses what small tree could work well in her garden.

With advice for colour, companion planting, seeds swaps, planting to remember loved ones and a surprise recipe, this month’s Growing Together is bursting with excitement for the coming growing season.

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Petersfield turns to local radio in lockdown

Petersfield turns to local radio in lockdown

Listening to Petersfield’s Shine Radio has reached record levels during this lockdown. The most local popular programmes include the P pod which has been highlighting positive stories of Petersfield people throughout January.

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