On the longest day, Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool opens its gates for a late night pool party. Immerse yourself in the sounds of the night with Petersfield Community Radio reporter Alan Cosh.

As we approach midnight at the town’s oasis, Alan spoke to dozens of swimmers including Jonathan and friends who have left their fifteen children at home to enjoy adult company at the poolside.

He also met Steve Cliff and his daughter Georgie who act together with Petersfield Theatre Group. Georgie works as a lifeguard at the pool and explains some of her responsibilities, as do Tim and Tia who are also employed as lifeguards there.

Alan also discovered what motivates and inspires the work of singer Chloe Tucker. Chloe performed bluesy jazz at the event and is currently working on an album of self-penned songs and is recording the tracks in a studio in Canada.

Meet the managers

In this related interview, Petersfield Community Radio reporter Alan Cosh dives into the origins of Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool and discovers why it remains such a popular facility today.

Alan interviews pool managers Deborah Mitchell and Zoe Simmonds.