Direct from the bookshop at the centre of a global social media frenzy, it’s your weekly treat of news, views and interviews from around the Petersphere.

This week Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey meet the owner of the Petersfield Bookshop John Westwood, hear how Suzie Wilde got stuck in the mud en route to Hawkley, catch-up on the latest progress with Rosa Malone’s choir for women and bring you up to date with all the local events happening in our area.

All that, plus the gun in the lake, a new troop of tree wardens and your regular round-up of Petersfield news, weather and sport.

Also featuring Dave Bowers, James Robbins, Alan Cosh, Beth Svarovska, Martin Bamford and John Walker.

Direct from your place

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Voice artist is Petersfield’s Abi Phillips, recording by Dave Bowers, audio production by Stephen Martin.