Petersfield’s weekly news, views and interviews led by Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey, comes to you this week from Gallery No 30, in the High Street.

Gallery No30’s Fifi Crowley, centre, generously provided liquid refreshment for the hard-working P pod presenters Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey

It’s all quite arty in this edition as we meet the proprietor of the art café Gallery No 30, Fifi Crowley; and tattoo artist Geoff Richardson; welcome Bryony Alford, of Beautiful Health and Beauty Services, with the first of a new series of regular beauty tips; and meet one of last week’s Town Meeting award winners, Petersfield Community Radio’s very own Beth Svarovska.

This week’s P pod was recorded on Monday, March 9, at Gallery No 30 in the High Street and was created by Petersfield Community Radio volunteers Lucy Davies, Martin Bamford, Stephen Martin, Shelley McCarthy, James Robbins, John Welsman, Richard Wilde, and Suzie Wilde, with regular special guest Jon Walker, of the Petersfield Post. Audio production was by Dave Bowers.