A special edition of Petersfield’s weekly news, views and interviews show with Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey.

This week we’re direct from the Annual Meeting of the Town to meet representatives of local organisations that will benefit from community grants from Petersfield Town Council.

Guests include Trevor Copping of Petersfield Lions Club, PCSO Patricia Gibbs from Shopwatch Petersfield, Petersfield Youth Theatre’s Jane Ace, Nicola Winter of HomeStart Butser, Captain Linda Read of the Salvation Army and Joy Ward from Headway.

We also learn the latest on progress at The Heath from Steph Knights, project manager at contractors Five Rivers and meet the young winner of the Daniel Day Lewis prize, Tilly Mae Padley from TPS.

Also includes the voices of Petersfield Mayor Lesley Farrow and Steve Field of Petersfield Town Council.

This week’s P pod was recorded on Monday, 2 March at Petersfield Festival Hall and was produced by Petersfield Community Radio volunteers who include Kate Green, Dave Bowers, Alastair Stewart, Suzie Wilde, Beth Svarovska, James Robbins, Martin Bamford, Shelley McCarthy, Richard Marks. Audio production by Stephen Martin.

Pictures of awarded organisations

Photographs courtesy of Petersfield Town Council

Nominees and winner Tilly Mae Padley (second left) of the Daniel Day Lewis Award

Steph Knights and the Five Rivers team

Steph Knights of Five Rivers
First steps on the new boardwalk. Video courtesy of P pod listener Stuart Hill


Music bed for volunteers “One and Only” by Ryan Andersen. Used under Creative Commons licence.