Suzie Wilde and Noni Needs round-up the day’s essential local information for Petersfield and its villages.

Today’s show includes ideas for ways you can help to mark VE Day from your home during lockdown, plus the latest episode in the Sixty Second Support campaign as we help you think about mental health during the Covid crisis.

Send information updates and thank you messages for help you’ve received to or phone 01730 555 500.

We share information with the Petersfield Coronavirus Resource Hub, the Petersfield Voluntary Care Group and other local agencies.

This morning’s presenters

60 Second Support

We’re supporting this national campaign to help raise awareness of issues around mental health during lockdown. 60 Second Support is made possible by the Audio Content Fund.

Today we hear from Sarah Jones from Help for Heroes highlights the importance of good quality sleep during stressful times.

Town plans to mark VE Day


Suzie and Noni’s viral neologisms


At-home cocktails served with flair and relief during lockdown.

The Locktail Hour

The time for quarantinis. There is no Government instruction on when this should be so you can decide for yourself. Usually longer than one hour.

The Isobar

The place you serve your quarantinis from during isolation at the appointed Locktail Hour.


People you see acting irresponsibly during lockdown. Quite different from our irresponsible drinking at home.


Dumped during a zoom meeting.

Do send your own to or call Petersfield (01730) 555 500.


VE Day celebrations

The National Museum of the Royal Navy, the National Army Museum and the Royal Air Force Museum are joining forces to host a free online festival, bringing to life the stories of those who helped deliver Victory in Europe. 

Highlights include a Vying for Victory debate where historians from each museum reveal lesser-known stories of how the Second World War was won, followed by a live Q&A; live talks; and a virtual 1940s’ swing dance class, followed by a sing-along concert at home to inspire VE party spirit for the nation, together with voices from the three Armed Forces, where re-enactors share stories from the Fighting Front and the Home Front.

If that’s your sort of thing, the three-day programme will be available at, and runs from tomorrow until Saturday. 

Decorate your home in red, white and blue! That’s what the Town Council is urging us. Drape flags from windows and have a 1940s themed party. Jitterbug away and send your video clips and pics to share. The virtual broadcast goes live at 2.30pm thanks to Churchers College and full details of all of this can be found on the Petersfield Town Council website and social media pages. 

If you’re interested in discovering more about VE Day, or finding inspiration for your themed party, then the Imperial War Museum’s website at  has lots of stories, videos, photos and recordings you can watch and listen to. 

Its V75 campaign is encouraging everyone to listen to a four-minute recording of sounds from the museum’s extensive archives. You can also read about the 75th anniversary on a special website

If you want to find out more about local commemorations, check out Monday’s Morning Report which featured an interview with organiser Cllr James Deane. And, we’re all looking forward to our special radio programme this Friday hosted by Alastair Stewart and containing a rich mix of speech and music to help mark the day.

In addition to audio supplied by James and his team, we will have a piece from the museum about Petersfield during and after wartime, and letters from a serving officer who died, recently, in the town.

Here’s a treat for railway enthusiasts: how about taking a trip on the Watercress Line from the comfort of your sofa? It’s not exactly re-enacting the atmosphere of Brief Encounter, but the virtual ride through the Hampshire countryside does take you the length of our local heritage railway. I know somebody who was very disappointed, though, that he couldn’t smell the steam …

Visit the link included in today’s transcript to enjoy the sped-up journey.

Now we know a lot of you enjoy a trip to Chichester Festival Theatre – but sadly it has been forced to cancel its 2020 Festival season because of the current crisis. 

The theatre had been due to reopen in July with South Pacific and The Unfriend, both of which it intends to reschedule in 2021. Management are currently considering a revised shorter programme of work from autumn 2020, possibly including Pinocchio over the Christmas period, and are working on a new schedule for 2021. 

All ticket holders will be contacted by the theatre’s box office with the option of exchanges, credits, refunds or donations. 

Our friends at East Hampshire police have been in touch following a number of break-ins at commercial and industrial premises in recent weeks.

We’re repeating their advice today because it is so important to protect business.

Burglaries occur frequently on businesses premises for a number of reasons: high-value stock, easy access to cash, poor security. But whatever the reason there are often easy steps businesses can take to reduce the opportunity to criminals.

Burglary can have serious and long-lasting effects on businesses such as financial loss suffered when repairing damage, lost sales when stock has to be re-ordered, loss of confidence from customers. In order to support your local business community, East Hampshire police has supplied us with some crime prevention advice.

  • Check your insurance policy to see if there are any security requirements. Ensure you seek clarification from them if anything is not clear. 
  • You should treat any change to your business as an opportunity to review and improve security measures. This might include new or altered premises, new stock, new computer systems or changes in business practice.  Working with other local businesses, organisations and the police will help to maximise efforts to reduce and prevent crime.
  • Train your staff to be vigilant and to report suspicious circumstances to the management and police.
  • Keep written records of any suspicious circumstances, including dates, times and descriptions. You could keep a copy of any CCTV footage you might have.
  • Consider sharing suspicious activity with other local businesses.
  • Make staff aware of any responsibilities they have in relation to security, ie ensuring others don’t follow them into private or staff areas, locking / opening-up procedures, cash handling.
  • Ensure staff are responsible for their own property: handbags are locked in lockers, staff and stock areas are not left accessible by the public.
  • Keep high-value stock locked away outside of business hours.
  • High-value stock should be stored within an inner secure cage when not required, and ensure this is protected by additional security systems such as monitored alarms, beams or tremor alarms when premises are unoccupied.
  • Bank your cash … don’t leave large amounts of money on the premises, consider leaving lights on, tills open and signs saying “no money left on premises”.
  • Any money left on the premises should be kept in an insurance-rated safe and installed according to manufacturers’ guidelines. 
  • Ensure all egress and access points, including fire escapes and windows, are locked when the building is empty. All door and window locks should be to the relevant British Standard and approved by your insurance company.
  • To protect any vulnerable windows consider fitting bars or shutters (exterior shutters or grilles may require planning consent from the local authority).
  • For buildings where very high-value stock or significant cash is kept, consider anti-ram bollards to protect vulnerable points around the building from ram raids.   
  • Commercial premises should be fitted with a monitored alarm system which is “fit for purpose” in accordance with your insurance company and the value of its assets.
  • Where appropriate, consider fitting forensic tagging sprays or fogging devices to alarm systems.
  • CCTV can be an effective form of surveillance. However, before purchasing, ensure you detail your requirements from a system, ie, what is the purpose of the system, what areas do you want to protect?
  • Ensure CCTV systems are regularly serviced and periodically review the position of the cameras to ensure fixtures and fitting are not restricting the cameras’ view.
  • Exterior lighting can assist a criminal break into the premises. Therefore, only leave on if it assists neighbouring properties or passers-by to keep an eye on your property.
  • Register assets, such as computers, tills, phones etc, for free on  this will assist the police in returning property to its rightful owner.
  • Ensure company computers, tablets and phones are kept out of site from windows and kept in a locked room.
  • Consider key safety – keys with tags detailing the room can assist a burglary. Number the keys and keep a list detailing their use separately.

More information

Victims of domestic abuse can access safe spaces at Boots pharmacies consultation rooms where they can contact specialist domestic abuse services for support and advice. 

Launched last Friday by charity Hestia’s UK SAYS NO MORE campaign, the scheme is in response to the situation facing many victims who are isolating themselves with perpetrators during lockdown. 

Hestia says it has already seen a 47 per cent increase in victims reaching out for information and support on its free domestic abuse app, Bright Sky. While 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experience domestic abuse, the charity is concerned the figures will be much higher during lockdown, making access to support critical. 

By creating this safe space in Boots pharmacies, the charity hopes many will be able to safely access support. 

The staff at Petersfield ambulance station have been grateful for your generosity – all received with much appreciation. As a station, they have decided to give something back to show their appreciation for the local community and have been collecting for the local PACT food bank.

The town market will be open again today – although the term ‘in full swing’ can hardly be applied. On the plus side, fruit, veg and meat are all available, but we do need to adhere to the strict social distancing rules, so, please, follow the directions of the on-site staff and stay two metres away from the next person.


Expect delays on the old London Road, in Sheet, as Southern Water continues its digging there. Two-way traffic control is in place until May 8.

But South-East Water’s work on Winchester Road, close to the McDonald’s sliproad, should be completed today.

Between today and Friday you may find restrictions on Bell Hill for drainage repairs that are designed to make Hampshire’s roads more resilient to the effect of extreme weather and heavy traffic. Look out for the yellow signs for the precise times. 


It’s a chilly start to the day, but any frost or local fog will soon clear to leave a generally fine day with plenty of sunshine and light winds. It will certainly feel warmer than yesterday with a maximum temperature of 20 °C.

Looking ahead to the remainder of the week, it will be mostly fine and warm by day, with light winds through much of the period, although some chilly starts are possible. So keep the duvet on … we may even see a few sharp showers to end the week.

Tomorrow, Noni and Laura are with you in the Morning Report – do tell your friends about the programme.