Lucy Davies and Alastair Stewart rise with the larks to bring you today’s round-up of information and advice for Petersfield and its villages.

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We share information with the Petersfield Coronavirus Resource Hub, the Petersfield Voluntary Care Group and other local agencies.


College Street Dental Centre will open wide from Monday but the practice says it will prioritise patients who are in pain, followed by those who were mid-treatment before the lockdown.

If you’re not comfortable attending, you do have the option of postponing your appointment.

You can, however,  expect a lot of changes when you do attend the dentist. 

At the moment there is a 10-week backlog of individual cases to be addressed. The College Street Centre says it is having to manage surgery time very carefully as it can’t treat patients back to back like they used to.

Unfortunately, this means fewer options for rescheduling if you have to cancel an appointment.

Staff at the practice ask you to be kind and patient, as we’re sure you always are, and they really look forward to seeing everyone again. They’ve done everything they possibly can to ensure your safety and, indeed, theirs.

If your children are in Year 6 at Herne Junior school, well today’s the big day.

You can go back into the school today for the first time in months.

Here are the rules for drop-off:

If you’re in the Quince bubble, you should drop-off between 8.30 and 8.40 and collect in the afternoon at 3 o’clock

If you’re in the Mimosa bubble, drop off time is 8.40 this morning and collection at 3.10.

Damson bubblers are asked to drop off at 8.40 this morning and collect at 3.20 this afternoon.

Which means if you’re in the Willow bubble you could drop off at 9 o’clock and collect this afternoon at 3.30.

The school asks that you stick to the correct time and obey the strict social distancing measures within the school grounds. You will be temperature checked when you arrive to ensure you don’t have a fever and should only go into the grounds through the side gate. 

Make sure your child brings a water bottle because water fountains are not operating in the school. Bring hand gel and a face mask, a sun hat and sunscreen. The school suggests you put belongings in a small rucksack and, remember, you’ll need to bring a packed lunch as there are no hot school dinners this week.

This afternoon, you’ll be able to park in the basketball playground to collect your child who will be lined-up in the middle playground at their allotted release time.

Churcher’s College is the latest local school to produce a music video. The 15-minute production takes the form of a lunchtime concert and includes performances from several pupils on their chosen instruments.

It’s all introduced by head of music Helen Purchase and you can see it at

The Petersfield Cobbler has re-opened, albeit with restricted services and times at the moment. The shop is an essential service because of its key-cutting services, and its opening times are currently 10am-2pm Monday to Saturday. 

If you run a business with fewer than 50 employees you could get grant money from East Hampshire District Council.

The Local Authority Discretionary Grant Scheme is aimed at small businesses with ongoing fixed property-related costs who were not eligible for the Small Business Grant Fund or the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Fund.

The council says it has more than £1m from central Government to distribute. Check out

Watch out for cyber scams. We’ve reported on the risks before, but now, an organisation called Cyber Protect says more than two thousand victims of cyber crime have lost a combined total of almost £4.7 million.

Remember – the basic advice never changes. If it doesn’t look right don’t be fooled into clicking any email or mobile message you receive. Banks never ask you for your password or request you approve movement of money from one account to another.

If you get a suspicious phone call, hang up and call the bank directly to check. 

If you want to report a crime call 101.


Work continues in Dragon Street, close to what used to be JSW restaurant, until tomorrow. Traffic control is in operation and you can expect some delays there.

Roadworks start today in Chapel Street, opposite Lavant Street, and are expected to continue until Friday, with multi-directional lights in operation. Delays are inevitable, some might say …

Hampshire County Council starts work on a broken gully cover and frame in Kingsfernsden Lane tomorrow and the road will be closed.

The council is already working in Monk’s Orchard to refurbish the road surface and, although traffic control is in operation, delays are unlikely and the work should finish tomorrow.And finally on the roads, BT should complete its work in Rival Moor Rd today, but, until then, traffic control remains in operation.

If you’re using the train, South Western Railway is advising travellers in the current high temperatures to carry water with them on their journey and, if you feel unwell then please don’t travel. If you start feeling unwell during your train journey then it asks you to get off at the next stop and ask staff for help. 


Rain is likely at some stage today, although the maximum temperature is still a pleasant 21 degrees. The day will start dry before outbreaks of rain spread across the region. In-between the rain, there will be plenty of brightness.