Our flagship weekly magazine show presents the best of Petersfield with the fragrant Claire Vennis and the sturdy and genial Joff Lacey.

OK, this was last week … but Joff was just as sturdy

This week, you can hear from Chris Ricketts, a music teacher at The Petersfield School, who chats to our duo about the virtual summer music festival taking place this Friday.

What’s more, completely free of charge and with no obligation, you’ll also hear from walker Suzie Wilde; wild Jon Walker; cash expert Martin Bamford; cash saver Alan Cosh; the Petersfield Museum’s Lauren Wayland; Helen Adams encourages you to stretch; Butser Ancient Farm director Maureen Page chats with Nina Vennis; Noni Needs meets with James Fairweather for a BBQ-special Recipe Exchange; and Richard Marks has some bad news about the weather.

Oh, and Joff goes in search of sympathy and compliments …

This week’s P pod was recorded on Monday, 29, June, in Joff’s garden on the Herne Farm estate and was edited by Stephen Martin in a blur of talented finger movements.