Jo Watts of Sew Creative set-up the online survey because shop and business owners wanted to understand how people come into the town and what their preferences are for parking.

Now, around three hundred responses have been received.

It comes after some traders were disappointed by the implementation of parking restrictions in the town and what they see as a lack of clarity about them from Hampshire County Council.

According to the survey, some people agree with the new measures but most respondents do not.

Parking restrictions

A minority of respondents agreed with the restrictions with the least agreement over the measures implemented on Lavant Street where only one in five respondents agreed.

Parking preferences

The survey respondents say they mostly use on-street parking and the central car park by Waitrose.

Mode of travel

More than three quarters of respondents said they drive into town. Walking was the second most popular way to come in.

Length of stay

Three quarters of respondents say they stay in town for under two hours with around half of those staying less than 60 minutes.

Who responded?

Most responses are from people with GU31 and GU32 postcodes but the survey also attracted responses from the Portsmouth and Waterlooville areas.

Respondents are self-selecting, the results are unweighted demographically and there is no suggestion the survey reflects the opinions of the whole town.

What do you think?

The survey is still open and you can contribute here