Suzie Wilde and Harrison RB present essential local information for Petersfield and its villages.

Today we learn about the history of football in Petersfield with the co-author of a new book, David Jeffery and the latest in the Petersfield street parking controversy.

How have the traffic and parking restrictions affected her business and life for her customers?

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Information transcript

First, following our interview with Antonia Troth yesterday, we were phoned by Cllr Rob Mocatta who wants to make the following statement:

[Councillor Rob Mocatta statement]

I also put to him some of your questions and the full interview can be heard on our website.

We’ll be hearing from author David Jeffery with the launch this week of his new book The History of Football in Petersfield, written with Norman Ganoway, a Hampshire sports Historian. My favourite sport, after tennis. I’m loving all the Wimbledon highlights on BBC2 and iPlayer.

First, here’s a final call-out for your highlights of the Petersfield Shakespeare Festival. Entries close tomorrow, the tenth of July! They want you to share your highlights, anecdotes and reviews of festival visits and shows over the past eight years, as audio, video or photos, to be made into short films for the website. 

People are working on this as we speak, so be quick and send any digital clips, comments or pictures via We Transfer to Recordings on a smartphone are fine.

Petersfield Boats are back! Whether you call it a pond or a lake, you can go boating again from today. There are, inevitably, new safety restrictions. They cannot provide life jackets and so only those who bring their own life jackets for everyone, or are able to swim 100 metres are permitted on the boats. I don’t know if that’s 100 metres under a certain time 🙂

You can take to the high seas from 10am till 4pm every day except Tuesday and Wednesday.

Also putting safety first, The Folly Wine Bar has taken some decisions for everyone’s safety, following the opening night on Saturday. It will now be an over 21s bar for the foreseeable future, and you must be seated at a table, with a maximum of 6 people from your social ‘bubble’. 

We had a scare yesterday, with a ‘cast iron’ notification from banks about a nightmare scam. This one begins with ‘Extremely sophisticated scam going round this morning.’

It’s easy to either live in total anxiety about these things, or become too blase, thinking they are only scaremongering and doing nothing. So what can we do? Our own Alan from Cosh Saves You Dosh advises us to look at It not only looks at the latest scams but fact-checks what it calls ‘internet nonsense’ – and that’s particularly important in stopping some of the dangerous fake news around so-called Covid-19 cures. 

Some good news now: The Hidden Kitchen has reopened – it’s only with outdoor tables for now but you can book in advance, and takeaways are also available on the day.

Another reopening, which is uplifting news. Butterflies Lingerie shop in Pages Court has reopened. For those of us who can remember how to do up a bra.

Tesco has temporarily suspended car parking charges in its car park. It’s amazing what a response we’ve had to the whole pedestrianisation debate, temporary or not, and you’ve heard some of those comments here on the Morning Report.

But now it’s time to chat about football, history, and Petersfield – all three in one book!

Good morning, David, and welcome to the show.

[David Jeffery interview]

The history of Petersfield allotments would be fascinating. They are managed by Sheet Parish Council and the Town Council and despite high demand and full waiting lists, a spokesman from Sheet Parish says ‘we have been tolerant of tenants who feel unable to maintain their plots to our normal standard because they have been shielding.’ That’s the sort of kindness we hear a lot about in the Petersphere during the crisis.

Because of the pandemic, there are even more people wanting to grow and eat their own produce and we brought you news of the recent addition to Adhurst Estate allotments of 20 half-sized plots. The ground needed lots of work, as it was previously used for turf-cutting and needed many flints removed!  But no one backed out, resulting in names being drawn out of a hat, with a lot of disappointment for the unlucky ones. 

Anyone still interested in living healthily can pop next door to the Community Garden, on Waterworks Lane in Sheet and volunteer. The welcome will be just as good as having fellow allotment-holders; there’s the opportunity to develop new skills – and share the produce!

And an update from Petersfield Community Hospital…

We recently spoke to Jules Cavalier, consultant nurse in Frailty and End of Life Care. He spoke movingly about the need for a space for staff to be able to express their feelings in private and would love to make a garden in a small piece of land at the hospital.

I was deeply touched by his account and the extent to which their emotions are touched by the people they care for – and I know you have been too. He asked for ideas and practical help, not money, and there were two instant responses: the first from Petersfield Community Garden and the second from designer and plantswoman Anne-Marie Powell.

Those are only the ones we know about but yet another example of how our community cares and all we have to do is ask. If there’s any help you need, or are offering, or simply want to have your story heard then get in touch on or call 555 500.


Even the diversion signs can’t agree

Well, parking remains restricted, the red and white stripy barriers are still in the road and diversion signs are a work in progress.

Elsewhere, water work continues on Heath Road and the electricity company is going ahead with its cable project with closures on Bedford Road and Frenchman’s Road.

Follow the yellow diversion signs, which have the little SSE logo in the corner – not to be confused with the yellow diversion signs that don’t have that symbol, some of which will take you in the opposite direction. 

In Liss there’s work on Patrick’s Copse Road and Andlers Ash Road with restrictions and delays possible there.

There are also delays possible in Stroud at the junction with North Stroud Lane and Winchester Road for council work.

And early warning of work starting tomorrow on Oxenbourne Lane in Ramsdean during which the council will fill some potholes.

No reported problems on the buses or trains.

As ever – If we’re not saying what you’re seeing, please let us know – you can reach us on Petersfield 5 55 500 or via email at


It remains the kind of chilly summer we used to have as soon as schools broke up. An overcast start will only get gloomier, with light rain by the afternoon and a maximum temperature of 17 degrees. At least it’s easy to sleep at night.

It’s a brighter, fresher day on Friday and the outlook for the weekend is largely dry and sunny, with some warmth in the sunshine. Perhaps my sweet peas will at last start to rocket.


Coming up tomorrow it’s Noni and Laura and money expert Martin Bamford explains the new government help package announced by the chancellor, Rishi Sunak.  You can send questions for Martin about the scheme to us by phone, email or our social media channels.

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But until then, have a great day.