Dave Bowers and Joff Lacey bid a tearful farewell to the Morning Report in its current guise. A new version will be included in Shine Radio’s weekday breakfast show.

But it still includes the latest local information to get you through the day.

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Information transcript

Today you’ll hear us gratuitously plugging the launch of Shine Radio, our new 24/7 online station, where there’s the chance of hearing from somebody you actually like.

But, before that, here’s Dave with your roundup of local stories.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, Michael Lane, has allocated £110,000 to 13 projects to provide support to the communities affected by Covid-19 and to make people safer.

The projects will support vulnerable young people and divert them from offending, as well as supporting victims of crime. The grants will provide much-needed additional capacity in a variety of areas, including

  • support for domestic abuse and sexual crime victims;
  • interventions with offenders to prevent abusive behaviours,
  • activities and support for vulnerable young people to help them avoid risky behaviours; and
  • mentoring for ex-forces personnel in prison and following release.

Petersfield Housing Association Homes is moving to a newly-refurbished building in Dragon Street – after 46 years in the same offices.

The move will see the association, which was launched in 1974, take over the former home of the Paul Martin Design Company.

The association looks to develop quality affordable homes for those in need and is a member of the Wayfarer Consortium, which works together with national and local government to increase the supply of affordable housing in the south.

East Hampshire District Council would like to hear how coronavirus has affected your lives, what services you have received and how you are feeling now.

The anonymous survey can be completed online or by telephone. Feedback will identify local support needs, signpost assistance programmes and identity measures to help aid recovery.

The survey looks at issues such as employment, financial support, mental health, access to services, education, community safety, links to the community and also tries to understand how local behaviour might change – including working from home, more active travel or volunteering.

Have your say online at easthants.gov.uk/c19 or by calling 01730 234025 before August 23.

Petersfield’s Save the Children branch has issued a plea for items to sell in an online auction that may well be its only fundraiser this year.

The Petersfield team is recognised as being one of the most successful in the country – with and impressive £53,000 raised during the charity’s centenary last year

The online auction will take place on Saturday, September 12, and fundraisers are looking for donations, especially of good-named china, jewellery, gold, silver or silver plate, military medals, walking sticks and quality glass.

For details about donating items, and the auction itself, contact Prue Rushmer on prue.prp@sky.com.

South East Water is gearing up ready to produce up to an extra one hundred million litres of drinking water a day as temperatures continue to soar.

The company’s engineers will be working around the clock across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire to produce the extra water needed – the equivalent of 1.25 million toilet flushes …

The amount of water available in reservoirs and groundwater stores has been good this year, but as the hot summer continues demand for water remains high and the company is urging its customers not to waste water, suggesting we allow our lawns to turn golden and not wash the car.

A national two-minute silence is to be held tomorrow at 11am to mark the 75th anniversary of VJ day. And we’re privileged to have the following brief interview with 95-year-old Cynthia Baird, an Australian who has moved down from London to Sheet. She has met just about everyone important from Churchill to Picasso and, luckily for us, has total recall …

Listen to the interview in the above audio …

There is another Petersfield Lions booksale tomorrow, this time with jigsaws as well. No donations required, but they will take your money in exchange for goods … It’s outside Lloyd’s bank from 9am to 12.

Weald & Downland Museum will be hosting the first of its three nights of open-air theatre a week tomorrow, with A Midsummer Night’s Dream – tickets are now on sale.

The following weekend you can enjoy Much Ado About Falstaff and Choice Glenfell

To ensure social distancing restrictions can be maintained, only limited numbers will be allowed to these shows, so advance booking is essential.

Instead of individual spaces, there will be 40 ‘bubbles’ – each bubble will be 1.5 metres apart from another and will allow up to four people per bubble, with tickets sold for £40 per bubble.


Four-way traffic control will be in operation today in Pulens Lane, between Barnfield Lane and Montague Gardens courtesy of BT, while Chapel Street remains closed owing to the continuing work of SSE.

Delays may also occur today on Bell Hill as stop/go boards will be in use.

Looking ahead, from Sunday, two-way traffic controls will be holding up the flow on Station Road, between the junction with Windsor Road and transition to Ramshill.

There will be traffic lights in operation from Monday on the Causeway as contractors refurbish the traffic calming island. And traffic control will also be in operation in Sussex Road, close to the crossroads.

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Who knows? We were supposed to have several days of thunderstorms … and nothing. Put a finger in the air, that was Dave’s helpful suggestion. However, meteorologists say that spells of hazy sunshine will appear today after a cloudy start.

It will feel very warm, hot in light winds. But heavy showers or severe thunderstorms may break out. Today’s maximum temperature is 30 °C.

The outlook for the weekend is rather cloudy, but with limited spells of hazy sunshine at times . And further heavy, thundery showers are possible. And, guess what? It will feel warm or very warm, and humid with light winds.

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