Michael Auger and Suzie Wilde present essential local information for Petersfield and its villages in this, our one hundredth edition of the Morning Report.

Today we learn about Free Shop Petersfield at the railway station from Lucy Lomax, the risk overheating dogs in hot weather, objections to new mobile phone masts and Michael shares news of an online concert planned by his musical theatre band, Collabro.

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Good morning! It’s Friday 7th of August. I’m Michael Auger.
And I’m Suzie Wilde, and we’re bringing you a fully fact-checked Friday Morning Report.

Today you’ll be hearing from Lucy Lomax about the newly reopened Free Shop Petersfield. And I’ll be chatting to Suzie about what Collabro are up to next. But, before that, here is your roundup of local stories.

Good morning.

The lead councillor campaigning to make Durford Road crossroads safer after a fatal car accident says she isn’t “convinced” a road-safety survey was correct.

East Hampshire District Council deputy leader Julie Butler has been campaigning vainly for 17 years to make the junction safer and refutes claims by the Hampshire County Council survey that cars “weren’t speeding along Pulens Lane and Heath Rd East”.

Costly chicanes and pinch points to slow the traffic along both roads have been suggested. After the accident on Thursday, July 23 – which cost the life of 90-year-old Queens Rd resident Jean Flux – Hampshire County Council deputy leader Rob Humby said road resurfacing and new signs at the junction were programmed for later this year.

The fatality at the junction is the third accident there this year, coming on the back of a series of historic incidents.

There’s opposition in both Petersfield and Liss to plans for new mobile phone masts that we reported yesterday on the Morning Report.

EE proposes to place a new 17 and a half metre high mast at the layby on the Causeway and three masts around Liss. The phone company wants to improve signals along the railway but Ginnie Rutter of Petersfield Town Council says the proposed mast on the Causeway would seriously change the character of the town’s Southern gateway.

Meanwhile some residents who live close to one of the proposed masts in Liss on the corner of Mint Road are unhappy with the plan. Stephen Martin has been looking at the comments:

Michael McNamara says the new pole will make it virtually impossible for large vehicles that work on the railway to manoeuvre.
Eileen Adams also objects to “such a large amount of paraphernalia and consequences of modern technology.”
Nicholas Rook-Blackstone says a proposed mast at Wylds Farm will completely change the appearance of the landscape and directly impact on the profitability of his business.
However, Lorne Richardson supports the plan for one of the new masts because it will provide the local community with improved mobile signal and data.

All four applications will be considered by South Downs National Park Authority.

The PACT food bank is running low. It provides bags of food to families and individuals in difficulties who are referred by various statutory and voluntary agencies working in the Petersfield area. It distributes from the Salvation Army building in Swan Street, but it is running low on certain items – it is appealing for donations of:

Hot chocolate
Toothbrushes and paste
Packet soups
Tins or packs of custard
Sweet treats
Tinned tomatoes
Tinned soup
Porridge oats
Small packs of sugar
or tea bags

For further details visit pact.org.uk/FoodBank.

Children in our region as young as 11-years old are apparently shelving plans to follow their career dreams in favour of job security, after seeing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s according to new research from the not-for-profit organisation Engineering UK, which has found that the “coronavirus generation” has serious concerns about their long-term future and the opportunities that may be available to them

But the report also identifies that a career in STEM subjects could be one that gives job security and offers a dream career.
Julian Fisher reports …


That was Dr Hilary Leevers, chief executive of EngineeringUK on the career hopes of the region’s teenagers.

A newly published study has found too much exercise is the main cause of canine heat stroke. Teams of researchers at Nottingham Trent University and the Royal Veterinary College analysed the clinical records of more than 900,000 dogs. More than 1,200 had received veterinary care for heatstroke, of which some three quarters were due to overexertion, with most after a walk in summer heat. Breeds most affected are the flat-nosed breeds, like bulldogs, terriers, pugs and spaniels, but springers are also included.

With a heatwave expected this weekend, and with very hot temperatures expected to last some days, here is important information from St Peter’s Vets that applies to all dogs.

Dogs do not sweat as we do and cool by panting, which is therefore entirely normal unless the dog is obviously distressed. There are about 13 different symptoms but the vets say there are five symptoms you should never ignore:

• Drooling*
• A rapid pulse or heartbeat*
• Excessive lethargy
• Lack of coordination
• Vomiting or diarrhoea

If your pet shows any of these signs contact your vet.

Thanks Suzie.

CHAT 100th Morning Report!

Why those breeds of dog (Overweight and older dogs, as well as brachycephalic dog breeds, breeds with very thick coats and very large breeds too) ; (spoke to John Wakefield) retrievers that already have difficulty breathing are also very susceptible. We know about hot cars – but don’t jog with your dog!

Have you heard about what3words? Apparently more than 80 per cent of the UK emergency services are using the app what3words to know exactly where to find callers – and are urging the public to use it too.

What3words has given every 3m square in the world a unique three-word address. The words are randomly assigned to each square and will always stay the same, making it easy to find and share any location with just three words. The middle of a field near Petersfield, for example, is pigtails.aviators.charities. This makes it easy to remember a place you regularly visit, such as a pleasant picnic spot. Find out more on what3words.com.


You may know today’s guest, Lucy Lomax: in fact I haven’t met anyone in Petersfield who doesn’t. She’s a source of great ideas and one of these was the Free Shop in Petersfield.


Herbert Headley is popping up again soon just outside Petersfield. Its pop up exhibition in Lavant Street was one of the victims of lockdown and so Fi Beresford and her team are delighted to let you know that the Summer Herbert Hedley exhibition of beautiful creations and inspiration for your home is already curated.

It will run from August 26th to September 6th at Westmark barns. Fi says she is thrilled to have this wonderful space. Westmark Barns are just outside Petersfield on the Midhurst Road (A272), GU31 5AT for satnav, and there is plenty of parking. The collection will be open every day from 10am to 5pm.

The colour theme for the summer show is “seaside blues and rose coloured memories of spring.” All safety Guidelines are in place.


CHAT and Michael reveals news of an online gig.


On the roads, Swan Street remains closed by the Salvation Army hall as SSEN continues the installation of a new high voltage link between our town and Fernhurst. The work will move onto Chapel Street next.

West Meon road is closed near to Drayton Barns. That’s between East Meon and West Meon.

There are roadworks on Pitcroft Lane in Buriton and South East Water plans work on the Causeway, close to the Jolly Sailor roundabout.

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And the weather…
…. Is Hot! Today is set to be the hottest day of the year around London and the S.E. but with highs of 31 degrees around the Petersphere and a southerly breeze it should feel more pleasant here. Clouds will form in the evening, leading to a muggy night.

It will probably stay hot across much of the region into early next week, with sunny spells, but breezier, and with an increasing risk of some heavy and thundery showers.

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That’s all from us. Have a great weekend – and stay cool.
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