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Today, we long for decent broadband and think of people in our community who may be suffering from loneliness.

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Information transcript

Organisers of the Petersfield Shakespeare Festival are celebrating the success of this year’s virtual event.

At a weekend garden party, cast, producers, crew and supporters of the festival met in a distanced way to mark the end of the project and the achievements they had made together.

Producer Lucy Hollis said the team adapted the event for the circumstances of this year.

IN: “We were…”
DUR: 33”
OUT: “…really pleased”

Petersfield Museum is appealing for volunteers to take part in a social media campaign.

The museum plans to use social media to help promote its inaugural Edward Thomas Literary Festival.

The digital festival will be held at the beginning of October. It is a collaboration between the museum and the Edward Thomas Fellowship.

And, if you would like to be recorded on film or in audio reading your favourite poem to post on social media – not necessarily by Edward Thomas – you can contact Ryan Watts at the Museum – his address is education@petersfieldmuseum.co.uk

A massive rural litter pick takes place this weekend.

The Countryside Alliance organises the annual Countryside Clean-up and says it will take place on the 19th and 20th of September, following its earlier postponement because of Coronavirus

It’s the third year of the event and organisers want people to take part in dedicated litter-picking sessions across the country over the two-day period.

You can take part on your own, with your family or in a socially-distanced manner with a larger group.

The organisers says that fly-tipping and littering in the countryside became one of the many negative side-effects of the pandemic so they believe the Countryside Clean-up is more important than ever.

If you would like to register, here’s the link

https://www.countryside-alliance.org/support-us/events-2/ countryside-clean-up-19th-20th-september

If you’ve found yourself out of work after the Covid-19 outbreak, Hampshire County Council is optimistic it can get you back into employment.

The council has committed to doubling its apprenticeship levy funding to £2m, as well as investing £1.3m into adult and community learning.

Other measures being brought in by the initiative include employability hubs, which will look to train and support young people with special educational needs or disabilities.

Deputy council leader Cllr Rob Humby said he hopes the decision will help to minimise the negative impact of Covid-19 on the local economy, increase economic prosperity, and continue to develop a skilled workforce for Hampshire to 2030 and beyond.

There’s new hope for you today if you’re stuck on rural broadband.

Rural areas of the Petersphere which suffer some of the slowest internet speeds in the country could get ultrafast broadband from a 22.2 million pound funding boost.

Extra money is being pumped into the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, which is designed to subsidise the cost of building gigabit-capable broadband networks in remote areas.

According to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, some 250,000 English homes and businesses are expected to be eligible from 17 English councils, including Hampshire and West Sussex.

The vouchers are worth up to £1,500 for rural homes and £3,500 for small and medium-sized businesses in rural areas, provided they apply as a collective of two or more properties.

Travel news

Temporary traffic lights remain on Station Road in Petersfield for the ongoing electricity project.

The Puffin Crossing is closed for the time being while the temporary lights are controlling traffic.

Work continues on WInchester Road at its junction with Prince’s Road for the new commercial development.
And those social distancing measures remain in place across the town with cycles and buses only between the Square and Chapel Street and lots of closed parking bays.

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