The P pod is your weekly magazine programme with the voices and stories of Petersfield people.

This week, presenters Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey – known to their producer collectively as Clacey – visit Hector’s Menswear, the new gent’s outfitters in Chapel Street. And Joff fancies himself as Are You Being Served‘s Mr Humphries …

Joe Bicknell welcomed Claire, Joff and a pair of cherry-red cords into Hector’s Menswear

They meet owner Joe Bicknell to discuss his venture into retail – although he has plenty of experience alongside him – having taken over the premises of the former Fraser’s shop, while Joff tries to find something classy to go with his trousers.

They also catch up again with photographer Michael Clement, who’s been engaging in some interesting lockdown projects while his commercial work has slowed. The Petersfield Post‘s Jon Walker also has his say on Joff’s trousers, while also advising you what’s in this week’s paper. Plus Suzie Wilde‘s latest Wilde Walk, there’s music from local lads Juno and even producer Dave Bowers gets on the mic to discuss ‘those’ trousers.

Photographer Michael Clement has engaged in some interesting projects during lockdown

This week’s podcast was recorded in Hector’s Menswear on the evening of Monday, 5 October and was produced and edited by Dave Bowers.