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Local news

Petersfield has entered lockdown

For the second time this year, local businesses are closed or have dramatically changed the way they serve customers.

People across our area must now stay at home, except for essential activities and we must all work from home unless it’s impossible to do so.

Participating in many leisure and sports activities is out of the question until December and people who are classed as “extremely vulnerable” are told to stay at home as much as possible, except to go outdoors for exercise or to attend essential health appointments.

The Town Council has opened a lockdown helpline and will aim to put you in touch with relevant agencies if you need help. It’s a local number – Petersfield double seven nine, two nine six. That’s 01730 779 296.

East Hampshire District Council says it is doing everything it can to support residents and businesses through the lockdown.

But the council says it is still waiting for central government to confirm what support package will be available to businesses who must close.

Meanwhile, the council has confirmed that its parks and play areas will remain open, even though gyms and leisure centres must close.

The waste and recycling centres will also remain open but you have to book a slot in advance and the recycling shop at the Bedford Road site will be closed because it is non-essential retail.

Public lavatories in Petersfield will remain open and if your business receives money for test, trace and isolate, the council says these payments will continue to be handed out.

They also plan to take rough sleepers off the streets and find them homes with the help of money from central government.

If you need help, there’s a phone number for coronavirus support in East Hampshire.

It’s oh treble three, three seven oh, four hundred. That’s 0333 370 400.

This second lockdown could be tough on local school children.

While schools themselves stay open, many sports and leisure activities in Petersfield are instructed to stop.

Children who attend regular training in dance, martial arts and music classes must change the way they practice, and team sports activities cannot continue.

Theresa Butcher teaches ballet at the Petersfield Academy of Dance. She says it’s not always easy getting young children to concentrate over a Zoom call:

IN: “they have a limited…”
DUR: 31”
OUT: “…for all of us I think” + laugh

Don’t let just anybody take your rubbish away.

That’s the clear message for us all after a pile of unsightly waste was left dumped in a hedge near Rowlands Castle.

All rubbish contains clues to its owner and East Hampshire District Council investigators traced this garden waste and household rubbish back to a property in Havant.

The resident had to pay a fine of £400 for failing to comply with their Duty of Care under Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

They claimed they had already paid £80 to a man who knocked on the door, and offered to dispose of it.

But they didn’t bother to get a receipt or a waste transfer or even check if the man had a waste carrier’s licence. 

The resident told the council they could not identify the man in any way.

Councillor Ingrid Thomas who is responsible for neighbourhood quality at the council described fly-tipping as a blight on our environment and a danger to wildlife.

She said it’s a reminder that everyone needs to take waste seriously.

The local fire service is on high alert for tonight’s bonfire celebrations.

With many organised firework events cancelled, and hospitals tackling Coronavirus cases, the emergency services say they are preparing for a busier night than usual.

They are urging us all to think twice about the risks before holding home displays.

The Fire Service believes social distancing measures mean more people may be tempted to handle fireworks for the first time and their greatest fear is a high increase in the number of severe burns or injuries.

Their central message is one of respect – both for fireworks and for your neighbours.

Do take care out there.

Travel news

Petersfield High Street remains closed for emergency sewer excavations

The High Street is closed for emergency sewer excavations – that’ll continue for at least ten days more. There’s a diversion route around town.

The delays through Sheet continue today as SSEN operates temporary traffic lights at the junction of London Road, Pulens Lane and Inman’s Lane. The traffic is backing-up badly at peak times.

Allow 15 to 20 minutes extra to get through that, and be aware of drivers who are rat-running their way through the centre of Sheet Village and along School Lane, Long Road and Kingsfernsden Lane.

Fernhurst Road in Milland is still closed. That’s for more electric digging.

On Winchester Road in Petersfield, expect some delays by the new junction where a new crossing is going in.

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