Good morning from Lucy Davies, Laura Sheppard and Stephen Martin.

Together, we bring you all the latest news from across Petersfield and its villages, plus a complete round-up of how local stores plan to adapt to the lockdown period.

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Information transcript

Local news

Business owners across our area are busy planning for lockdown.

Dozens of shop owners and operators of other local businesses have been telling Petersfield’s Shine Radio how they’re planning to change their operations because of the expected lockdown rules.

A small number of stores are closing altogether, including cafes like Mezzo on the High Street, while many others are attempting to keep trading by operating online click-and-collect services.

A far greater number of local businesses than last time have told us they’re ready with online stores and local delivery plans, and that they hope to continue providing services throughout the lockdown.

Even before the lockdown was announced, Shine Radio had planned to encourage us all to stay local and shop local throughout November. Now that message is extra important for local traders who rely on steady income to keep operating.

Stay listening because after this bulletin, Laura and Stephen will be here with a round-up of the latest information we have from traders across our area who are doing their best to adapt to the lockdown rules.

You could help name a public meadow in Petersfield.

The town council purchased a parcel of land behind the new Causeway Farm development and wants to keep it as a public green space.

Now they need to give it a name and want your help to decide how the area will be described by generations to come.

There are three shortlisted suggestions:

It could be called the John Goodyer Meadow after the seventeenth century botanist who lived in The Spain and has been buried in Buriton since 1664.

Alternatively, the space could be called Criddell Meadows after the traditional local name for the stream that runs through it. The meadows act as a flood plain for the Criddell.

Or, the more prosaic option of plain old Sussex Meadows is suggested by the council, because the area is on the Sussex side of town and close to Sussex Road.

If you want to have a say in the decision you can email Petersfield Town Council. Their grounds committee will then propose one option for approval.

Organisers of the annual Remembrance Day ceremony in Petersfield have been scrambling to change this year’s plans.

Following confirmation of new government guidelines yesterday afternoon, Councillor James Deane has told us that the ceremony will go ahead, but it will not be a public event in the traditional sense.

He says that Petersfield Town Council continues to review arrangements  for the Act of Remembrance on Sunday, and that every effort will be made to mark the occasion in the best and safest way possible.

The council says that only key participants representing the community are expected to be present.

The ceremony will be recorded for broadcast by the team here at Petersfield’s Shine Radio.

You’ll be able to hear it on Shine Radio at 2pm and 11pm this Sunday.

It will also be available at

The special broadcast will be introduced by Joff Lacey whose family ancestors are honoured on the War Memorial. 

A local creative has self-published a book in support of Save the Children.

Sasha Brooks has compiled a collection of children’s stories, for children between 4 and 7 years old, that she used to tell her children and grandchildren.

These became known affectionately as the Yuckky Poo Poo Stories – the title under which the collection has now been released, completed with illustrations from Anna Shuttlewood.

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sacha decided to self publish and donate the proceeds to Save the Children and teamed up with the local fundraising branch to do so. Yucky Poo Poo Stories is available from One Tree Books on Lavant Street from Monday November 9th.

Due to current restrictions, orders need to be made via email from or over the phone on 01730 261199 and can then be collected by scheduled time slot from the shop door. More information about the collection of stories can be found online at

East Hampshire District Council will continue to provide support for families struggling for essential supplies.

The council has been working with neighbouring authorities, community groups and food banks throughout the crisis to make sure everyone has the support they need.

Those experiencing difficulties buying food and collecting prescriptions can phone the Hampshire Coronavirus Support and Helpline on 0333 370 4000.

The helpline, set up in April, offers advice and guidance on how to get essential supplies during the pandemic.

East Hampshire District Council has also been working with our local food banks to make sure they are well-stocked in case of need. Information on available support services can be found on the Petersfield Coronavirus Support Hub and the County Council website.