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Information transcript

Petersfield’s local news

Details of Petersfield’s role in the Covid vaccination programme have been confirmed by the NHS. Laura Sheppard has the story…

As we reported yesterday, Petersfield Festival Hall is set to become a vaccine hub where patients will start receiving their vaccinations from tomorrow.

Nurses, paramedics, pharmacists and other NHS staff will work alongside GPs to vaccinate those aged 80 and over, as well as care home workers and residents, identified as priority groups for the life-saving vaccine.

Petersfield-based doctor Richard Kershaw of the Swan Medical Group is co-ordinating the project locally which will see patients from across East and Mid Hampshire come to Petersfield to receive their jabs.

Surgeries as far South as Rowlands Castle will refer patients to the Petersfield facility.

The Festival Hall is one of only a few centres that are not to be stationed inside existing medical facilities. The vaccine being deployed is required to be stored at extremely low temperatures so special equipment will need to be brought in.

It’s not known how long the NHS will occupy the building, but organisers of February’s planned Antiques Fair know their event may be cancelled if medical staff still need the hall. So far, no planned events have been affected.

Jon Walker of the Petersfield Post first broke this story and you can hear more from him in this week’s edition of the P pod with Claire and Joff – it’s out later today.

A Petersfield celebrity has been helping a charity fundraiser.

No, it’s not Michael Auger this time, but showman David Weeks who is known locally as “the man in the shiny suit”.

David stationed himself at Petersfield Railway Station to help raise money for Alzheimers charities that help people with dementia.

Inevitably, he was dressed for the occasion and he told Shine Radio’s Claire Vennis that collecting at the station made perfect sense for him.

(listen to the audio of David in the programme)

Petersfield Library will now deliver books to your home, free of charge.

Organisers at the library say they now have enough volunteers to get this service out across the area.

They encourage people who could benefit from having library materials delivered and collected from their home on a regular basis to come forward.

The Home Library Service is for anyone who finds it difficult to get to the library due to ill health, disability or caring responsibilities.

Staff arrange for one of their local volunteers to visit so you can exchange library materials on a monthly basis.

The service is free and available in other Hampshire County Council libraries too, not just the Petersfield base.

In addition to fiction and non-fiction, the Home Library Service can deliver audio books in a wide range of formats, specialist books, items from their reminiscence collection and jigsaw puzzles.

If you know someone who could benefit from this service, please talk to staff at the Petersfield Library or call 0300 555 1387.

There’s also a web link which we’ll put at

Festive Fun event brings cheer to Petersfield’s children.

Last weekend saw the arrival of a Festive Fun event at the Heath, in aid of Save the Children.

A team of local volunteers, led by the Petersfield Branch’s committee members bought christmas cheer to the children of Petersfield. Event organiser and Branch Vice Chair, Penny Blois explains…

(hear Penny in the programme)

Liss Railway station has been recognised this week in a national awards ceremony, with a 3rd place prize.

Earlier this year, the Liss Station Vinyls were entered into the “Community Art Schemes – Permanent or Larger” category of the Community Rail Partnership’s Annual Awards.

Mark Miller who nominated the display for its award hopes the award will help to continue to inspire positive contributions and input into the project.

The display was organised and installed by the East Hampshire Community Rail Partnership, which works to engage communities and help people get the most from their railways, promoting social inclusion and sustainable travel, working alongside train operators to bring about improvements, and bringing stations back to life.

For more information about the Community Rail PArtnership and to view the full result of the awards, visit

Travel news

Delays are still to be expected due to road closures on Dennis Way and VInson Road in Liss.

Traffic control measures remain in place on Pullen’s Lane in Petersfield and Farnham Road in Sheet which could cause delays. It is also possible that carriageway incursion may be caused by works on Winchester Road in Stroud and by Hays Cottages in Steep.

But the main change today is in Rogate where two way traffic signals are in place on Fyning Lane and London Road which are expected to cause delays. 

There are also works taking place on TIlmore Road and Sussex Road in Petersfield as well as on Warren Side in South Harting which may cause some carriageway incursion but are not expected to cause notable delays. 

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