Despite the pandemic, we can still sing the music of Christmas together.

Doorstep Carols started in Shropshire and has gradually spread across the country. This year it reaches Petersfield for the first time, thanks to Shine Radio and the Petersfield Post.

Petersfield’s Shine Radio is one of around forty radio stations that will help co-ordinate synchronised singing. There are sixteen popular and familiar carols you can sing along to.

It all starts at 6pm on Wednesday 16th December

How it works
1. Get ready with the words printed in this edition of the Petersfield Post. 
2. Listen to Petersfield’s Shine Radio at 6pm this Wednesday, 16th December- our local radio station will play the music to keep us in time and in tune.
3. Sing along from your doorstep in your family bubble.

For more information, the national Doorstep Carols website is at