Direct from Rother Valley Farm near Rogate, it’s Claire and Joff with Petersfield’s weekly local personalities and stories show, the P pod.

With winter woolies on we meet Shon Sprackling to find out more about this family-owned and run farm and butchery. 

We’ll also bring you a seasonal recipe as  Noni talks to Clare Boyd-Wallis about how she’s going to do Christmas this year – including an Aunt’s family recipe and catering for both vegetarians and meat eaters.

Joff meets up for his usual weekly newsy chat with Jon Walker from the Petersfield Post and Suzie’s Wilde Walk comes from Badger City.

Harrison turns-up on the farm for some reason and there’s music from local band The Farrago

All in the P pod.

Spaced-out in the barn, Claire, Shon and Joff
It’s Chriiissst – maaasss!
Claire with flowers

Produced by David J Bowers.