Kate and fellow Shine Radio presenter Noni Needs enjoy an ambulatory discussion of Noni’s favourite cocktail – an Italian classic, the peach Bellini. 

The cocktail-obsessed pair ignore the cold weather, debating the merits of white versus yellow peach juice,  champagne versus prosecco and other important matters, such as the canned peach: friend or foe?

Noni brings a pop of colour, sunshine and peach Bellinis to Durford Wood

They conjure up the flavours of Venice to a chilly hilltop somewhere near Rogate with Noni’s favourite – the Italian cocktail classic, the peach Bellini.

The peach Bellini

Creative Commons: Heather Hutchinson from Edmonton, Canada – Flickr

The Italian classic cocktail and was invented about 80 years ago by Giuseppe Cipriani, who founded the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice. He was said to have named it for its colour, reminiscent of a saint’s toga in a painting by the Venetian 15th century artist, Giovanni Bellini.

  • one part white peach puree or juice
  • two parts prosecco

Pour the peach puree into a champagne flute, and top up with prosecco.

As is so often the case with a true classic, it’s utterly simple and quite delicious.