Causeway Field – now Goodyer Meadows. Image: Petersfield Town Council

Shine Radio listeners have been following the story of a patch of land behind the Causeway and Sussex Road that councillors said needed a name.

After a public consultation, a vote on social media, a recommendation from the grounds committee and a final decision, it will be called Goodyer Meadows.

The name recognises local botanist John Goodyer.

Other proposed names were Sussex Meadow, after the nearby Sussex Road and Criddell Meadows after the historic waters that flown through the land.

Each of the names came out top at different stages of the selection process so you’d be forgiven for thinking there have been as many twists and turns in this story than on the Criddell itself.

We spoke to the Chair of Petersfield’s Grounds Committee Councillor Jamie Matthews to find out about the choices proposed and straighten out for us how the final name was selected.

Cllr Matthews is speaking to Shine Radio’s Stephen Martin.

There’s more information about the choices proposed at