Orange, Almond and Mad Berry cake is all the rave in Steep.

Alma Blackwell
chats to Noni Needs about how to make it. 

And Alma tells you how to make that Alma-rita cocktail.

Alma’s Conserveatory is at Steep Village Hall every Saturday from 10 am til 2pm

MadBerry cake
Alma Blackwell’s Orange, Almond and Mad Berry Cake

For Alma’s Orange, Almond and Berry Cake

You’ll need:
200g butter
200g caster sugar
3 eggs – beat together, adding eggs last, one by one

Gently fold this into…
115g gluten free self raising flour
1tsp xantham gum
1tsp baking powder
200g ground almonds

Then in go
Zest of 2 oranges
Juice of 1 orange

Spoon int a 9″x7″tin (or equivalent of)

Then push in as many raspberries or berries into the mix as you like (frozen is ok too!)

Bake at 180°C for 30mins

Whist it’s cooking make an orange syrup from orange juice
2 oranges, splosh of cold water and sugar(about 100g but i do it by eye)

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Happy Eating, Petersphere listeners.