Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey with Petersfield personalities and their stories.

In this week’s P pod, Claire and Joff talk chocolate and Claire visits local artisan chocolate maker Mark Raynor at T&M Chocolates.

Shine Radio’s Kate Fairweather meets Stroud sheep farmer Andrew Snow and his sheepdogs ahead of their busy lambing season.

Suzie’s Wilde Walk involves 2 faithful friends this week and Jon Walker brings the latest news in our area with Joff at Love Lane.

We end this week’s P pod with some Sunshine from Southsea reggae band Emiliyah and the Mightyz All Stars.

Mark Raynor, T&M Artisan Chocolates
Andrew Snow and his sheepdog crew
This week’s featured local band, Emiliyah and the Mightyz All Stars