Whisky fanatics Martin Brown and Simon BW talk whisky cocktails with Kate Fairweather.

Martin recalls the Rusty Nail, first introduced to him in his hometown, Argyll. Gloriously simple, and VERY Scottish, this cocktail is also not for the fainthearted… as Simon politely acknowledges.

The making of this cocktail took place after a spirited Scotch whisky tasting with eight whiskies on parade (full audio of which will be published shortly).

Two glass tumblers with Rusty nail cocktail and two stirrers alongside.
The Rusty Nail comprises equal parts whisky and Drambuie

The Rusty Nail

Scarcely a recipe, just pour equal parts of blended whisky (a cheap blend is fine, possibly best) with the sweet Scotch whisky liqueur, Drambuie. Go easy, now!

Good for a hip flask, on a cold, cold day.