Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey with Petersfield personalities and their stories.

This week we’ve made a bee-line to the Petersfield Beekeepers Association and with our bee PPE on we get up close and personal with the little furry, stripy friends.

Swarm coordinator and apiary manager Rowan Roberts gives us a tour around this fascinating location, new beekeeper Debbie Barnes enthuses about her hobby and experienced beekeeper David Parkinson tell us all about honey and wax.

Jon Walker from the Petersfield Post has been ‘buzy’ gathering your local news and Suzie visits the Hangers for her Wilde Walk. 

We end the P pod with a cool track from local band Barbudo and their song ‘My Only’.

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Joff and Claire in their ‘Bee PPE’
David Parkinson, Debbie Barnes and Rowan Roberts from Petersfield Beekeepers Association
Ready to record at the beautiful apiary