Meet the talented Daisy, who works with Marcus, an autistic teenager and his family. Hear how this golden retriever has transformed the lives of her human partner and those closest to him.

Daisy the white labrador retriever, wearing a lead that says "assistance dog do not distract! sits on the floor next to Marcus, who is wearing a blue Dogs for Autism tee-shirt and smiling with his head leaning against the wall
Daisy has worked with Marcus since he was 13.

Daisy provides an invaluable early warning of an impending meltdown with 100% accuracy – which has opened up public places and travel to the whole family. On the increasingly rare occasions that Marcus becomes emotionally disregulated, her training in deep pressure work means that she helps him to calm down.  

Presenter Kate Fairweather introduces Marcus’ mum, Hilary Armour, a skilled animal behaviourist, dog trainer, special needs schoolteacher and founder of the Alton-based charity, Dogs for Autism.

Hilary personally trained her son’s first assistance dog.  She explains the subtleties of family groups, where the dog is part of a team of carers. She also describes how the assistance dog partnership evolves when child and dog grow up together as part of the family.

Hilary Armour of the Dogs for Autism charity, wearing a blue and orange shirt holding up a treat, being watched intently by five dogs, including an English mastiff wearing a e-collar, a cava poo, a white German Shepherd
Hilary at home, with several of the Dogs for Autism trainee assistance dogs

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