Meon Valley based hound breeding expert Carolyn explains how the bloodlines of hunting hounds are carefully managed and documented nationally across the 300+ hunts in the UK.

The ancient breed of the English Foxhound is one of the healthiest in the canine world. Bred for function rather than form, these supremely athletic hounds cover 15-20 miles of country in a working day.

Approximately five trail hunting hounds  sitting in a field waiting to move off on the first meet of the season
Their coats may vary but these hounds are well matched to each other (a “level pack”) and to their country – the South Downs.

Hound stud books go back to 1800 and are a vital part of breed management. Carolyn, has overseen the hound breeding for one local hunt and is trustee for several others. She explains how hound breeding is managed and documented, and how hunts cooperate to keep the gene pool healthy.

Jobs with Jobs presenter Kate Fairweather hears about the lure of the Peterborough (hound show) champion, how hunts cooperate with each other in drafting hounds between packs, and why no money changes hands.

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