This weeks Shine radio recipe is from Becky Taee a Ditcham nutritionist.

Part 1 in the series of Modifying your cooking for a healthier Christmas menu. 

This weeks it’s canape: smoked trout instead of smoked salmon and why? Served 3 ways – which tastes better? 

Listen to find out how they get on.

Adapted from recipe by Loch Duart purveyors of Scottish smoked salmon

Smoked Trout & Apple

Makes approximately 20 canapés

What You’ll need:

Hot smoked (rainbow) trout / salmon fillets

3 Good eating apples, grated

2 Tbsp lemon juice

1/2 Pint half fat creme fraiche or greek yoghurt

4 Tsp good quality horseradish sauce


1  Mix all the ingredients together

2  Season with salt and freshly ground pepper

3  Put a spoonful of fish mixture on crackers, baby chicory leaves or cucumber

4  Garnish with salmon / trout caviar (optional) and serve