Its Part 3 on how to Modify your eating for 2022.

Becky Taee talks to Noni Needs on how to modify your cocktail repertoire and include a mocktail.
It’s a simple twists on classic cocktails, but without the alcohol, excess sugar or calories.
Even the children can have fun mixing up a mocktail.
Becky loves to shake and mix a cocktail so there’s another tasting session too.

Simple twists on classic cocktails, but without the alcohol, excess sugar or calories

Cucumber Cooler

You’ll Need:

4-5 mint leaves

4 thin slices of cucumber

300ml low calorie tonic water



1  Place 4–5 mint leaves in a high-ball glass & gently bash with a wooden spoon handle

2  Cut 3 of the cucumber slices in half & add to the glass with a couple of ice cubes

3  Pour the tonic water into the glass, and mix with a paper straw or spoon

4  Fill the glass with ice & serve

Ginger Zinger

You’ll Need:

1/2 Lime (cut into wedges)

300ml sugar-free ginger beer


Fresh ginger to garnish (optional)


1  Squeeze half the lime wedges into a glass & then drop them in.

2  Add a couple of ice cubes, then pour the ginger beer in & mix.

3  Add a slice of fresh ginger as a garnish if you fancy and serve!

Raspberry Sour

You’ll need:

25ml lemon juice

25ml sweetener syrup*

50ml non-alcoholic spirit (or water!)

15ml aquafaba (chickpea water)

5 frozen raspberries, plus 1 to decorate


1  Make the sweetener syrup by mixing 10g of low calorie sweetener with 100ml of cold water & stir to dissolve. This can be used as a sugar syrup in other mocktails such as mojitos!

2  Shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker (or empty jam jar!) with some ice & strain into a glass.

3  Top with a raspberry & enjoy!

Mocktails from mynutriweb