Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey with Petersfield personalities and their stories.

The ‘local villages’ series in the P pod continues as Joff and Claire visit the village of Buriton. 

Chair of the Parish Council Doug Jones and fellow parishioner Maggie Johnson tells us more about the village and Fran Vesey from the Five Bells pub not only hosts the P pod but enthuses about the vibrant art scene. 

We also discover that Buriton is leading the way with climate change initiatives, being one of only a handful of Hampshire villages chosen, as Mary and Bernie Saunders explain.

With local new from Jon Walker, a Wilde Walk from Durford Wood after the storms and music from Million Pebble Beach.

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Doug Jones, Maggie Johnson, Mary and Bernie Saunders
Fran Vesey at the Five Bells pub, Buriton
Joff Lacey and Claire Vennis outside the Five Bells