This month we bring some attention to an old favourite – Port. Yes you can expect to hear “Any port in a storm”!

We will also be quaffing with our grape of the month Garnacha or Grenache depending on your choice of country. Mags will be recommending a wine of the month that makes the most of this versatile grape

We also thought it was about time we talked about how wine is actually made. Don’t worry we will keep it light and we will hear some insights form the world of port and about the contract winemaking at Hambledon with Caron Fanshaw.

Speaking of Hambledon we will also preview the Hampshire Fizz event coming your way in July.

We will also have our regular features of tips, listener questions and a run down of this month’s celebration days.

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Shades of Port at Burmester Port
Marocos Port House