Kevin Schilling, is a local vintage car enthusiast. And he is looking to find a woman that got into his car on a drive day and told him she knew the car. And it might have been driven by a bank robber? How did she know? She claimed it was her husband.

So you see, we need your help to find her.

Who is the mystery woman who got into Kevin’s car?

Kevin Schilling talked to Noni Needs in the Nathan Marshall restaurant in Liss, in the hope the story could be told and Mrs L could be found. Why? Because there are so many more questions that are left unanswered.

Kevin Schilling is so passionate about his car that he has complied a beautiful coffee table book of his stories and adventures thus far but there’s more to know. Mostly, because he wants to pass on how not to buy a classic car tips so lessons can be learnt from his mistakes.

Kevin also uses the car to raise money for charity, most recently Dementia Support at his book launch at Goodwood on a track day.

Find these and many stories about the Bluebird here. Including how it was driven by Donald Campbell and what lengths Kevin went to, to get the Campbell blue for the car.

“… And driving in the Mille Miglia which is like the wacky races” in Italy.

Listen to all Kevin Schillings stories here.

If you can help find Mrs.L please, email

To find out more about Reckless: the Rise and Fall of the AC Bluebird by Kevin Shilling go to the website AC

First broadcast on Friday’s Rise and Shine, 12th August.