We have four local stories from our Petersfield Young Farmers who meet every Tuesday evening all year round. We hear about the Young Farmers Club and what our farmers working in arable, salad and livestock farming are facing right now.

Alison Glasspool chats with John Dalby, the President of Petersfield Young Farmers about the group, the challenges facing farming and how being an arable farmer has been this summer. 

Young Farmer Tom spoke with Alison Glasspool about what it is like to be a salad farmer, especially with the very hot summer we’ve experienced. Salad farming is labour intensive and requires a lot of water to grow the salads that we see on the shelves in our supermarkets.

Young Farmer Jack talks to Alison Glasspool about what livestock farming is like, especially through the hot summer. We hear about the challenges faced as foods for the winter are being used due to the grass not growing on the fields due to a lack of rain. 

Petersfield Young Farmers meet every Tuesday evening. Alison Glasspool spoke with Doug, Tom and Jack about Young Farmers and what they do.

Young Farmers is for farmers and those with an interest in farming. If you’d like to hear more, visit the Petersfield Young Farmers Facebook page.