This month, Dogs with Jobs comes to you from the South Downs Show at Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

Presenter Kate Fairweather meets Kim, the Jack Russell, who starred in Saturday’s show, and Buttons, who stepped in as understudy following Kim’s unexpected trip to the vet.

Owner and handler Phil Gibbons talks about life as a travelling act, shows off the dogs’ comfortable trailer and describes the relationships between the dogs and family, as they are very much intertwined.

Buttons the black and white Jack Russell Terrier lunges towards the camera. He is sitting on his owner's knee, under a sun canopy.
Buttons cuddle s up to handler Phil Gibbons after the show. Buttons stepped in for Kim, who had been rushed to the vets.

Together with lurchers Flash and Pebbles, the terriers star in an arena display of terrier racing and coursing with an electronic lure.

Helper Callum with Pebbles the lurcher, who works alongside the Jack Russells.

Do you work your dog or dogs?

If you would consider coming onto the show to talk about your dog or dogs, please get in touch on or find us on Instagram or Facebook. Kate loves ALL dogs, but is particularly keen to meet sniffer dogs as she’s not interviewed one yet!