Antony Penrose is the son of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose, two surrealists that lived in Sussex. Farleys Farm and Gallery is home to these two Surrealists. 

Miller’s, son Antony became the custodian of her 60,000 strong photographic legacy by accident when his wife was looking for a baby picture of him in the attic.

Ahead of a film, staring Kate Winslet as ‘Lee’, Noni Needs wanted to find out more about the genius of Lee Miller.

Following a trail from The Newlands House Gallery, Petworth where Miller is on Exhibition: ‘Lee Miller and Picasso’ Noni Needs went to meet Antony Penrose at his Sussex home.

Lee Miller has a long list of achievements. Here are some: a Vogue model, inventing Solarisation with Man Ray, one of four female photographers on the front lines of World War II.

Lee was an activist: authoring articles for Vogue about the Nazi concentration camps that she photographed in 1944 urging the world to ‘Believe It’.

Antony, gives an open and honest account of life with a mother with undiagnosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder whose therapy was cooking and alcohol.

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