How many of the Petersfield people and places can you identify from the children’s art at Petersfield Railway Station?

As part of an initiative to link local schools with the community, Lucy Lomax of Hampshire Community Rail Partnership launched the art venture at the station.

The art of Bedales pupils depicts local high street faces in their portraits. You can see the students’ work on the walls of the Campa Choo Choo café on platform one.

The artists and their work

Can you recognise these Petersfield faces?

Answers below.

Petersfield character 1 by Grace
Petersfield character 2 by Leo
Petersfield character 3 by Polina
Petersfield characters 4 by Benji


  1. Sarah from Madeleines Kitchen on Lavant Street
  2. Ramo from the Turkish Barbers
  3. Chris from The Hoxton Bakehouse
  4. Paul and Dot from The Physic Garden