Is this the worst pothole in Petersfield?

Not even a pothole but literally a crevice, says Stephanie

Residents of Weald Way are complaining to the developer, David Wilson Homes because the entry road to their estate is still not finished.

Now deep potholes have opened-up which local people say are doing costly damage to their cars.

We spoke to Paul, the first person to move on the the estate four years ago – he can’t remember a time when the road was good.

Stephanie is another resident. She says it’s got so bad she’s decided to move out after she claims the road has damaged the diamond-cut alloy wheels on her car.

What does the developer say?

We asked Barratt Developments, which owns David Wilson homes, to respond to the residents’ concerns.

They would not agree to come on the radio but issued the following statement:

“We are sorry for any inconvenience that has been caused. The agreed road works were originally due to complete mid-December, but had to be delayed by the cold weather conditions at that time.

They are now due to restart on 12th January, together with some additional landscaping works. We anticipate all works being complete by the middle of February, if no further bad weather causes more delay.”

Barratt Developments plc