A group of Petersfield women has taken its call for action on carbon emissions into the open air.

The self-styled Women Of This Town believe local authorities haven’t done enough on sustainability, despite supporting the notion of a climate emergency.

They now stand in The Square every Tuesday morning to make their point.

The group says its demonstration is not a protest. Its members point out they use “no whistles, banners or glue” and say they’re not affiliated with any campaign group or political movement.

The women spend an hour standing by the statue every Tuesday morning, before heading to the Winton House eco-cafe to warm-up with a hot drink.

Ali, Anna, Katie and Jenny explained their actions in this audio. Shine Radio’s Stephen Martin is listening to them.


Anna has contacted us to clarify that PeCAN does not support a 20 mph limit across Petersfield and this was said in error.

Women of This Town group in The Square
Women of This Town group in The Square