DV Mission is a 48 hour film challenge and the challenge is to make a short 2 minute film (+/- 20%) within 48 hours, hence the title, from 5pm on the Friday to 5pm on the Sunday, which this year was from the 3rd to the 5th of March. Obstructions are released on the Friday evening which include the film genre, title and a line of dialogue you have to include within your film! There are also additional obstacles for those who have previously won an award or want an additional challenge.

It was the 18th year that the challenge has taken place. Gareth took part along with a couple of friends as the ‘Cut to the Chase Crew’ and made this audio diary above of the experience!

This year the obstructions were:

Genre: Space Opera
Title: The [insert your idea here] Chronicles
Line of Dialogue: “don’t lean on me man, you can’t afford the ticket”
Additional obstruction: No trailers, no behind-the-scenes, no excerpts, no expositional voice of god voiceover, no expositional rolling titles aka Star Wars, just a space opera in 2 minutes with a beginning, middle and end!
Obstruction for previous winners: An alien or an android or preferably both.
As well as an additional prize of a sticker for any films that pass the Bechdel test.

Then a week later was DV Mission Presents, an immersive cinema experience, film screening and awards evening rolled into one as well as an after-party. This annual event is nicknamed the “Pompey Oscars” and takes place at the Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea!

You can see the ‘Cut to the Chase Crew’ entry below:

The final submission by ‘Cut to the Chase Crew’

You can find out more about the challenge at dvmission.co.uk or visit their page on FilmFreeway.