The community stations in Alton, Haslemere and Petersfield are working with technical provider UK DAB Networks to apply for a digital radio licence.

If successful, this means listeners in Petersfield will be able to pick-up Shine Radio and other services on a normal radio in the kitchen and the car.

Wey Valley Radio in Alton was first established in 1992 and holds an FM licence. Radio Haslemere and Petersfield’s Shine Radio serve audiences online.

The area is one of the smallest advertised by the broadcasting and telecoms regulator Ofcom.

It’s also a challenging one to serve from a technical perspective. Ash Elford of UK DAB Networks said:

“The rolling Surrey Hills, the North and South Downs define the landscape and control propagation. Our bid is designed to serve key population centres and minimise outgoing interference to help Ofcom make efficient use of the spectrum.”

Kate Fairweather of Petersfield’s Shine Radio said:

Shine Radio listeners tell us they’d like to hear us more easily in the kitchen and the car. DAB can make that possible and we’re pleased our partners in this application agree.”

David Way, the founder of Wey Valley Radio added:

“The opportunity to broadcast on DAB is the next stage in the development of Wey Valley Radio and will ensure the service is available on more of the devices today’s listeners love to use.”

Further radio services interested in joining the multiplex should contact Ash Elford via

19 July 2023 update

Ofcom has registered our consortium’s application. It is the only application for this area, but that doesn’t guarantee that Ofcom will award a licence. The process of assessment is expected to take around three months.