Maya Binkin curator of the Eve Arnold photographic exhibition, To Know About Women talks to Noni Needs about the latest solo photojournalistic exhibition.

Eve Arnold is behind some of the most iconic photographs of our time, born in 1912 in Philadelphia USA, she died in 2012, two weeks short of her 100th birthday.

She documented social justice, behind the scenes at the Harlem ladies’ fashion shows, women behind the veil series, people in China, and went into hospitals to photograph birth; all ground breaking at the time.

Maya said: “She knew how to be present and disappear in a room too. She built professional relationships with her subjects that developed into friendships like Malcolm X and Marylin Munroe, who she photographed for 10 years.”

Listen here to Maya’s myths behind the legend who is Eve Arnold.

To Know About Women: The Photography of Eve Arnold’ opened at Newlands House, West Sussex on 1st July runs to 7th January 2024.

Picture credit © Eve Arnold Estate, Marylin Monroe rests between takes during a photographic studio session at Paramount Gallery, USA 1960.

Music by: Bensound

USA. New York City. Harlem. Model Charlotte Stribling aka ‘Fabulous’ waits backstage for the entrance cue to model clothes designed and made in the Harlem community. 1950.
USA. New York City. Marlene Dietrich at the recording studios of COLUMBIA RECORDS, who were releasing most of her songs she had performed for the troops during World War II, including LILI MARLENE, Miss Otis Regrets.She was 51 years old and starting a come-back in show business.It was a wet and cold November night and work could only begin at midnight, at the advise of Marlene’s astrologer. November 1952.
United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi. 1970. Veiled woman in harem.
USA. Virginia. A black girl and a white girl make up in the ladies room before an integration dinner party during the civil rights strike in America. 1958.
USA. Hollywood. US actress Marilyn MONROE resting between takes during a photographic studio session in Hollywood (Paramount Gallery), for the making of the film “The Misfits”. Directed by John HUSTON (USA). Nevada. Screenplay by Arthur MILLER (USA). 1960.