Meet a working pack of Sealyham terriers, a venerable Welsh breed that is teetering on the edge of extinction.

A white Sealyham terrier with tan ears and eyepatches looks slightly to the left of camera, standing on straw in an enclosure with onlookers behind.
Harry brought 12 of his Sealyham terriers to the Game Fair 2023 to meet the public and promote awareness of the breed

Recorded at the Game Fair 2023 at Ragley Hall for this episode of Dogs with Jobs with Harry Parsons, who is well known for his work in keeping the Sealyham Terrier breed viable.  He has a pack of 30 Sealyhams at home, and has dedicated the last several decades to breeding and working this engaging, intelligent terrier.

With fewer than 140 puppies born last year, the Sealyham terrier is well under the 300 puppies a year threshold for being designated a “vulnerable breed”. 

Harry talks to Dogs with Jobs presenter Kate Fairweather about what he prizes most highly in a terrier. He also talks about the logistics of organising a rat hunt, which remains fully legal under the UK’s Hunting Act. He explains why using terriers remains the only real alternative to poison for vermin control, particularly in agricultural settings.

Enid the Sealyham terrier is muddy and lifts a paw as she stares directly at hte camera. Predominantly white medium coated, with a ginger patch over her left eye
Enid the Sealyham terrier hard at work. She is one of Harry Parsons’ pack. Photo credit: Nick Ridley (

Clearly devoted to his Sealyhams, he explains how he keeps them from overheating or getting overexcited while working, and how he sees the breed’s future. 

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