A beloved local tree is on life support today.

Tree surgeons have conducted emergency work on the Chestnut tree in Sheet after it developed a split down its middle.

The tree is close to one hundred years old and dominates the centre of the village with its majestic height and broad span.

Now it’s propped-up with struts and strapped around its trunk.

It’s unclear whether it can be saved.

Listen to Bill Arnold from the village and John Hartley who has live opposite the tree his entire life.

Local reaction

On social media, Frances Steger said:

I have climbed that tree many times growing up. It would be so sad if it becomes unsafe and needs to be removed. Similarly, just how sad it was when the one on the corner of St Peter’s Road was taken down. Many good memories of that one.

Angus McAllister added:

I was walking under it just yesterday evening! I’m so sad it’s poorly. I used to climb it every Sunday with my kids and their friends.

Strutting its stuff – emergency props to prevent further damage
The damaging spilt in the centre of the tree
The majestic specimen dominates Sheet village