Dozens of Shine Radio’s volunteers heard from ITV’s special correspondent Richard Gaisford and media law and compliance expert Paul Chantler in the team’s annual compliance and legal training, which took place at Churchers College on Saturday 23 September, 2023. 

A group of Shine Radio volunteers with Paul Chantler, hands in pockets, smiling at camera in a Churchers College Classroom
Shine Radio volunteers are fortunate to have radio industry expert Paul Chantler leading their annual compliance training

Paul Chantler has provided compliance training every year since Shine Radio started in 2016.  The station has always operated to Ofcom standards and the training is a mandatory element of the training path for new volunteers producing content for the community radio station for the first time, as well as an annual refresher for longstanding volunteers.

Richard Gaisford is gesticulating as he introduces his former colleague, radio compliance expert, Paul Chantler.
GMTV’s special correspondent, Richard Gaisford, introduced the session.

As the radio station progresses through its application to become a DAB radio station, compliance is high on the agenda.

Shine Radio’s Compliance Officer Kate Fairweather said: “As a community radio station, we’re essentially broadcasting to our neighbours, with a friendly, sunny station style.  We may sound relaxed on air, but our approach to broadcasting standards is anything but casual.” 

Shine Radio has several professionally trained journalists, lawyers and professional radio presenters within the team. The annual training is an essential element of training for volunteers and ensuring that the station maintains the same compliance standards as professional radio stations.