Presenter Kate Fairweather and co-producer John Welsman and his guide dog Benjy are delighted to be recording at the UK-based charity, Guide Dogs charity’s  Christmas Brunch. 

Over 50 dogs in a lovely restaurant in the heart of the City of London – what a delight. An amazing atmosphere and absolutely no barking or dodgy behaviour, because they’re all beautifully trained. 

They’re not all guide dogs: Kate meets Zack the buddy dog, who provides companionship to an entire family but mainly supports his disabled young adult, also called Zack. 

We also meet Upton the Ambassadog and hear about his fundraising activities, as well as two beautifully named puppies, Errol and Dylan introduced by Glenys and Sue, who explain what’s involved in being a puppy walker for the charity.

Guide Dogs’ Dave Kent explains how the Christmas brunch celebrates accessibility and why restauranteur Martin decided to host the event at the the M Restaurant in Thread Needle Walk, to celebrate accessibility. 

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