The four candidates working to secure your vote on 2 May

Elections take place on Thursday 2 May 2024.

There are four candidates standing. Here are details of all of them, in alphabetical order by surname, together with the party affiliation labels under which they are standing.

Prad Bains

Liberal Democrats

Prad was previously a conservative councillor in Havant before turning independent and now shifting allegiance to the Lib Dems. He says he wants to restore community policing and have stronger action on anti-social behaviour, with officers having time to focus on preventing and solving crime.

Don Jerrard

The Justice & Anti-Corruption Party

Don has served as a local councillor in Liphook and Liss. He says he is concerned about what he calls the continued collapse of our criminal justice system and has campaigned against the closing of our courts, police stations and post offices.

Donna Jones

Conservative Candidate – More Police, Safer Streets

Donna was educated in Petersfield and is a former leader of Portsmouth City Council. She stands on her record of adding 650 more police officers and assigning local bobbies like Izzy Tarrant in Petersfield. Donna says she wants more police stations but the station she promised to open in Petersfield has been repeatedly delayed.

Becky Williams

Labour and Co-operative Party

Becky is from Aldershot and serves as a district councillor in the Rushmoor area. Becky says her priorities include anti-social behaviour, street drinking and violence against women and girls. She also pledges an increased focus on policing domestic violence and knife crime.

More information

This video explains more of what a PCC does and encourages us to participate in the democratic process.