Picture: from left, Councillor John Hutchinson, Howard & Tricia Newby, Marcus & Lindsey Matthews, Sean Adams, Teresa Stuart and granddaughter Rosalie.

Thakeham Homes proposes 54 new homes on allocated land off The Causeway in Petersfield. But some local residents feel their concerns about the proposed development are not being heard.

People who live close to the site are worried about flooding and how new traffic calming measures along The Causeway could add congestion and affect safety.

Their district councillor John Hutchinson has taken-up their cause.

He and seven local residents spoke to Shine Radio’s Stephen Martin to explain why they believe their knowledge of the community is not being sufficiently acknowledged by the developer.

We are putting these concerns to a director of Thakeham Homes and will share the company’s response with Shine Radio listeners here.

See the planning application

You can read the full planning application and see responses to it on the South Downs National Park Authority planning website.

Marcus Matthews’ watercolour

Artist Marcus Matthews who you’ll hear in the audio lives opposite the proposed development. He painted a number of watercolour impressions of the proposed Causeway chicane as he imagines it may look.

Here’s his view looking South towards the Buriton roundabout.

Watercolour impression of a road scheme on The Causeway in Petersfield
Marcus Matthews’ watercolour impression