Poland for Ukraine

Life for two countries: Poland for Ukraine

Poland became the first salvation for Ukrainians when the war started. According to various data, between 3 and 5 million Ukrainians found refuge in Poland.

Poland is one of the few European countries that has not yet formally regulated the status of Ukrainian refugees for the period after June 30, 2024. However, the government’s initiatives regarding its continuation are already known and widely discussed.

Today Iva Repnytska will talk to her guest from Warsaw, Poland in Ukrainian podcast “Cold Coffee”. Svitlana is a Ukrainian journalist who had to save her life and the lives of her nephews from the war.

“How did you adapt in a new country?”

“And I’m still adapting…. Apparently, this is impossible, because I love Ukraine very much. For me, Ukraine is my native land, Kyiv. I just love it. Yes, I even begin to breathe differently when I am in Ukraine. But I am doing an important, socially important thing for Ukraine. Because wherever I am, in whatever country I am, I work for Ukrainians and for Ukraine… … When I’m in trouble, I just cry. Well, alone. No one sees this. I must have been the first to confess to you. ….And I believe in love. And I am waiting for that man whom I can make happy and who will make me happy. Because I believe that this is life. And the war taught me to appreciate life, not to postpone anything for tomorrow… The greatest dream of all Ukrainians is for the war to end. …We have to rebuild Ukraine. And we have to do everything so that our partners abroad help us in this. Because, unfortunately, Ukraine’s resources are very limited.”

In this interview you will learn the secrets of how Svitlana was able to come back to life here and now, although the news from Ukraine is terrible every day.

Listen to the Ukrainian podcast “Cold Coffee” by Iva Repnytska, or read the English translation.