This is Kharkiv

Today, Iva Repnytska spoke with Ukrainian Olya and she shared about Kharkiv. A large city in Ukraine, which today suffers from bombs every day.

You saw her in a play at the local theatre in Petersfield. When you meet this young woman, she will often be smiling and full of energy. She likes to dance and draw, plays in the theatre and participates in charity events to support Ukraine in Britain.

But lately, Olya has been watching the news more and more often. Terrible events are taking place in her city in Ukraine. Kharkiv. Listen to this podcast and write a comment, it will greatly support Olya and all Ukrainians who were forced to leave their native city.

This is Olya
Olya supports Ukraine in Britain

Iva Repnytska “Olya, tell me, please, do you say “our Kharkiv”, “my Kharkiv”, “we, the people of Kharkiv”. You have been in Britain for two years, but where do you feel, where is your home, now? That is, this feeling of home, where do you still have it? Where do you live now, or do you still have it in Kharkiv?

“Well, that’s the question… I believe that your home is where your heart is. At the moment, I only have rented accommodation and work here. That is, it is not what is called a heart at all. Therefore… But Kharkiv, he is always with me. And your home is always with you. Because this is a big piece of your life, your memories, all your best feelings. Because at the moment we cannot feel the peace that we felt before the war began. Therefore, I cannot say that I am completely happy, being safe in Britain. But this is not enough. Therefore, at the moment, of course, Kharkiv is the soul, heart and home…”, Olya from unconquered Kharkiv shared with sad eyes.

Listen to the podcast in Ukrainian and read the English translation.