The villagers of Buriton are one of many to remember those that never returned from beaches of Normandy in France, eighty years ago.

Doug Jones Chair of the Buriton Village Association tells us about the special memorial for Canadian troops. Jo Gray also hears from villager Keith Passingham. As a school boy, back in the day, he shares his memories of the Canadian visitors and what it was like to live in Buriton at the time.

The plaque remember Canadian soldiers placed at the base of the maple tree. Together with a cross & red poppy.
The plaque at the base of the memorial maple tree
Next to the maple sapling: commemorating the Canadian troops who never returned
L-R Doug Jones (Buriton Village Association), Jill Brooker, Mary Owens, Keith Passingham
Part of the Buriton village exhibition
Part of the Buriton village exhibition

Can you help Buriton find out more?

If you have any information about the Canadian troops that camped in Buriton please email to help inform the history of their time in the village.